Customize Your Dashboard


The default dashboard gives a comprehensive overview of: visitors (today vs. yesterday or any other date-range you set), visitor actions, bounce rates, top content, top search terms, and traffic sources.

You can create customized dashboards to group certain types of data to make it easier to find what you need quickly.

To create a customized dashboard:

  1. Click on Preferences*
  2. Click on Dashboard
  3. Click on Create a New Dashboard
  4. In the Layout section below, move modules anywhere you like by clicking on their titles and dragging them around. Move them into the “disabled” box if you don’t want them on your dashboard, or move them from disabled to the main area to add them.
  5. When done, be sure to click the “CLICK HERE TO SAVE NOW” link at the bottom of the page.

* If you are prompted for your username and password, use the same ones provided for your website admin. If you forgot or can’t find the welcome email, ask your Website Expert who can provide it.

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