Editing Your Site’s Typography

Typography is just a fancy name for fonts. You can choose from 600+ Google fonts to add to your site.

Click here to see your font choices  

  • This page will show you the most popular fonts first.

A word of caution. Don’t get carried away with using too many fonts or using decorative fonts for large blocks of text. Using more than 2 fonts can slow down your site and using a curly-cue style for your intro paragraph is too difficult to read.


How To Edit Fonts

In the Customizer, click on Typography.

To change your site’s default font, click on Theme Typography. Then click on Edit Font.


Next, you’ll see a large number of options to super fine tune your font. If you’re a font connoisseur, dig in. However, most people just want to select an appropriate font. Therefore click on Font Family.

The first group of font choices are the standard web fonts found on most computers and they’re not very much fun. After that, the fonts are then grouped like this:

  • Serif Fonts
  • Sans Serif Fonts
  • Decorative Fonts
  • Handwriting Fonts
  • Pig Latin Fonts
    (just kidding)


After choosing a default font for your entire site, click on Default Typography to make font selections for your paragraphs and different size headlines.

Heading 1 is the largest and Heading 6 is the smallest.

Again, don’t get carried away with adding all sorts of fonts.

Tip: You can add variety to your design by using one font for your headlines and another for your paragraph. To do this, make your paragraph font your Theme Typography, then change your headline font in the Default Typography.


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