1. Click on Pages in the left-column, which will display a list of all your pages on the site.

2. Click on the Edit link under the page name of the page you wish to edit.

3. Once you’re on the page to edit, click the big button “Edit Page.”

4. This will open up your page for editing.

5. Double click on any text or image to edit it

6. To edit text: After double clicking, a box will appear where you can edit text. In this box, you can also import images, download documents and forms.

7. For images, After double clicking a smaller box will appear on the right which contains a thumbnail of the image. Click on the thumbnail to replace or edit the image.

Before Pasting in Text from Another Document: Click the little “T” icon in the style ribbon above the text as shown in the video. Your editor will then be in “plain text mode” so you can paste in your text from Word or another word processor. Click here for more details and why you should make the extra click.

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