Click 3 Dots for Style Box

After clicking on any element (text, image, video, etc), you will see 3 dots at the top and on the left side of the row. Clicking on those dots will bring up the Style Box.

The 3 dots on the left refers to everything in the entire row.

The 3 dots on the top refers to everything in the column itself.

Rows are across. Columns are up and down.


Style Box

To edit styles, click on the Style tab.

The top portion lets you add padding to the top, bottom, left and right of an element. The numbers represent pixels.

Click on the text box and a list of available styling features become visible. Choose any features you want to add to the element.

The features are grouped as follows:

  • Animation
  • Padding
  • Background Color
  • Image Styling
  • Borders
  • Text Styling

For some feature groups, you can only choose one feature per element. Example: You can only choose one Padding feature per element.


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