Tag Visitors


Tagging gives you a better understanding of the mindset of your visitor. You’ll know where the person came from, how often she’s been on the site, and what content she’s viewed.  Therefore, when you connect with her, you can bring up the most relevant information based on her own actions on your site.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Sally arrives at your site and fills out a lead generation form, like a Free Estimate Request. As soon as you receive the form, go to the Smart Tracking software and click on Visitors. See who just filled out the Free Estimate Request form and add the tag “Sally” to the Visitor Profile. Now you can look at historical records to see the details of Sally’s previous visits. And you can easily track her future visits.

To determine how interested a lead might be, send them an email with a prompt to view something on your site. If the lead doesn’t visit the site, she’s probably not interested. Conversely, if she returns a number of times, you have a hot lead.


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