What’s an anchor tag?

By including an anchor tag within a post or page, you can place links in the body of your post which when clicked allow the reader to jump to another location on the page. Example: Click here and you’ll jump to the last line of this page.

How to use:

The anchor tag will consist of two parts.

Part 1 is the link. First, you need to create the link.

If you are linking to a spot on the same page, highlight the words for the link, then click the link icon in the style bar:



When the popup window appears, name the anchor tag and include the pound sign just before it, so it looks like this:


When you’re done, click the “Add Link” button in the bottom right of the popup window.

The above anchor link only works when you are jumping to a specified spot on the same webpage. If you want a link to jump to a specific location on a different page (like your About Us page), you’ll need to add the full web address for the page in front of the #anchorname, so it will look like this:


Notice there’s no forward slash after the page link: about-us#anchorname


Part 2 is the actual anchor . The anchor should be placed at the beginning of the line where you want the reader to jump to.

Place your cursor at the beginning of the line and click the bookmark icon in the style ribbon:



A popup window will appear again. Type in the name of the anchor without the pound sign so it looks like this:


Then click OK.

This will insert the a little anchor icon at the beginning of the line and look like this:


Save your changes, then update the page.

This is the bottom of the page example.

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